..over the years i have developed some contacts across the world who are willing to employ me to sell their beautiful things. I'm working on jewellery for the moment but want to expand into bedding and other adorning products to create a blissfully decorated environment for life. In this site you will see photographs of stock i am in possession of currently but this is not all that is / can be  available. I'm currently consolidating some other contacts in some factories so that more pictures will be available. I can say for now that all of what you see here can be made in bulk and in different colours / materials. 

I ask you to save this page and keep tapping in, we plan to become bigger and better over the next few years. Please get in touch if you think you can do business with us and do get in touch if you want to own any of the products that you see on these pages. I am also  interested in your comments if you think I should concentrate on a particular product you like or dislike something enough to say so, this site, this business is as much yours as it is mine. Welcome to Adornere!
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